Southern Oxen Gathering



Historic Brattonsville in McConnells, SC

November 20, 21, 22, 2020

May be canceled due to Covid-19.

Check for updates on the OX WorX facebook group


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Heritage Cattle for Sale


Currently seeking heritage cattle and sheep for grass finishing. Virginia.

Registered Milking Devons - 5 cow-calf pairs in South Carolina.

Registered Milking Devons - cows, hand milked, Virginia.

Starter herd or individuals Florida Cracker Cattle  in Central Georgia.

Pet steer and cow Miniature Zebu, Very tame, started in yoke.




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Benji Dog head Scotch Collie

Shepherd's Hearth

Old Time Scotch Collies are a great asset on a small farm, they help herding, patrol for predator control and are loyal and clever family companions.

Shepherd's Hearth expects a Benji and Lorna litter in summer 2020.

Please visit our sister site. Shepherd's Hearth






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So Where Do YOU Start?

Training working steers?

Finding a milk cow?

Establishing a starter herd?

3 months Milking devon bull calf at HineSite Farm with Kendy Sawyer

Next Steps...